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The Civil Platform for Public Education is a democratic cooperation forum of more than fifty civil society organizations operating based on shared educational policies.


Fundamental Values

Organizations joined to Civil Platform for Public Education accept any educational policy and education solely based on values that are important to them.

These values are the following:

  1. Focus on the person, focus on the child and on the student in education and learning
  2. Equity, lack of discrimination, creation of opportunities
  3. Support the development of student competencies, including social and civic competencies
  4. Democratic operation: be open and partner to children, parents, social players and partner professions
  5. Autonomy and accountability
  6. Transparent,  transferable school system from kindergarten to adult education

Mission Statement

Civil Platform for Public Education (CKP) is a cooperation platform for civil society organizations and voluntary groups connected with public education sharing the same fundamental values as CKP.

CKP aims to provide an effective, efficient and equitable educational system and the forms of necessary horizontal relationships and cooperation among professional players of education.

It intends to shape the actual policy of education  based on professional values and considerations and aims to lessen the detrimental consequences of wrong decisions. CKP considers to establish, represent and distribute in wide circles of the society professional standpoints corresponding to its fundamental values.

In order to reach its goals and represent its values CKP will use all legitimate and democratic means falling under the basic right of free speech.

Organizations belonging to CKP declare their interest to bring on and participate in democratically created and transparent forums renewing public education. At the same time they refuse the participation in any organization, talk or conciliatory forum which is to serve merely government orders or is established antidemocratically.